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The Venetian Villa This structure was made by Eric Lansdown in 1990. The exterior is silk screened onto the walls and windows, and includes a roof terrace. I bought this from his daughter 25 years after it was made as a new house. The interior was painted with a wash of peach.My friend, Nancy, bought one in a different color and we worked on them together. This house seemed to make decisions for itself in how to decorate and furnish it. I used many things I had for years with no where to go because I didn't know this house was going to need them. My husband had been to Venice several years earlier and brought me some sheets of exquisite gift wrap thinking I could use them in miniature. They became my downstairs mural of Venice, and upstairs Medieval paper.The downstairs chandelier had been sitting in a box needing a home for years and went perfectly with the mural paper. The side chairs and chest were from Ferd Sobel, that I had bought years before for a project I abandoned, and here they found a home. The porcelain dolphin items from Vince Stapleton, were a gift from Nancy. The bedroom furniture was from Maritza Moran, and just seemed to go well with the paper. The terrace is guarded by a white peacock and has a tiled table and chair set made from a kit by Charlotte Atcher. At the bottom of the house is a panel hiding the electrical. The shuld on the front was saved from a lotion I bought on a trip to Amalfi. This house picked it's own furnishings.

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