my personal projects : half inch mary elgelbreit house


In 1990, I fell in love with Mary's 1" house and became a dealer for this house. My finished one is now my headboard in my bedroom. Before I applied the exterior papers to the house, I made copies of the prints in 1/2" so I could eventually make a smaller version. After a number of years, I finally finished this house this week (May, 2020). My goal was not to replicate the furnishings in the same way as the original house so I changed some of the wallpapers and furnishings. I had collected 1/2" things for this project for almost 30 years. Many of the items were changed for this project to truly make it my own.The living room furniture was from a Chicago small scale Houseparty in the early 1990's. I hand painted the flowers on the upholstery with a toothpick to make it the colors I needed. The kitchen was unpainted pieces from M and R miniatures that I painted and filled. The bedroom furniture was inexpensive and enhanced for this house, and the art studio furniture was handmade by myself. I think I have finally said all I need to say in Mary style for myself, so now I can move on.

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