my personal projects : half scale mary engelbreit house


The exterior of this little house came from the original Mary prints for the 1" scale house that was done in the early 90's. I reduced and copied my papers for myself when I first got the 1" house kit. The smaller version papers sat in an envelop for 25 years until I decided to make the little version. My original house used all of Mary's furniture,  but this one was my ideas. Outside I have a special tree from Germany and a small cat and bear duo from Paulette Svec. The living room was furnished with upholstered furniture from a Naperville Houseparty, but I repainted some of the flowers to go with my setting. The kitchen cabinets came from our good friends Mary and Ron in upstate New York, the stove was a magnet, and many of the items on the counters and in the cupboards were made by Karen Gibbs and totebag and exchange items from Houseparties. Upstairs, I redecorated some commercial furniture and accessorized with exchange items. I even leaded the window. I made the easel and table in the art room and found prints to decorate the walls. The dog was a gift from a friend. I made some of the rugs and others were gifts.

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