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Noel Thomas Beach Cottage I took this class in 2006, and had the most amazing time working on this project. I came home from the class and finished the structure, inside and out. I put in oak floors, a small bathroom with sink and toilet, a small open closet, and a partial divider wall between the living and bed rooms. The walls were finished with softly beveled and aged 1/4' wood and open beams hung across the ceiling in the main room. I envisioned this as the retreat for a woman who wanted to be at the beach, but liked a shabby chic life style. For the next 14 years, I collected items I thought should go in the project, but never furnished it. Last week I got out all of my furnishings and fully finished the house. I was surprised at some of the items I had collected. There are beautiful original Noel Thomas paintings other original art, and sailors Valentines. There is a scallop box from Pete Acquisto on the bedside table. Several items from Serna Sheridan add great class to the house. A souvenir table by Geoffrey Bishop holds a collection of Italian art bottles and vases under the window. A bench by the Oldhams sits on the porch with Sylvia Roundtree's toile boots resting next to it. Guarding the house is Salty, a bichon made by Annie Willis. On the roof peak is a crow from Irmagard Gritzan. Resting in the crook of the chimney and roof is her nest. On the side is an outdoor shower with a real bar of soap in the metal holder. Finally finished after 15 years.

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