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The HMS Seahorse is a 1/4" Brambley Hedge inspired sailing boat for a mouse family. The hull and deck are resin cast and make up 2 rooms. The upper room is made of 1/16" plywood and is a single room. The kit includes all materials to build the boat including the doors and windows, flooring, interior and exterior trim papers and wood, seashell doorknocker, and resin cast seahorse masthead. The cost was $165. Sale price is $80.

HMS Seahorse

HMS Seahorse

HMS Seahorse

HMS Seahorse

HMS Seahorse

HMS Seahorse

man mouse - $32

woman mouse - $36

boy mouse - $32

girl mouse - $36

seahorse chair, foot stool, shelf, sailors Valentine - $42

stove, tall cabinet, open hanging cab,barrel - $56

bench, table, sconce - $19

sink, closed cabinet - $37

bunk beds, cabinet, mirror - $41

anchor cabinet, rope basket, fish picture, stove - $23

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