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Madeline's Tiny Paris House
This tiny French Chateau was inspired by everyone's favorite little girl. The house features a brick exterior with mansard roof with the curved staircase going down to a cobbled courtyard. Both the front of the house and the courtyard slide. The front opens to reveal the interior and the courtyard becomes bigger. The interior includes 3 wallpapered rooms. The downstairs salon has an arched fireplace and a non-working chandelier, the upstairs has a bedroom and bath. The furnishing kit has all furniture, rugs, accessories (glass bird, candle sticks, book, lamp, and paintings) and an adorable doll specially made by Julie Stevens. The doll is complete with a bouquet of flowers in her hand and a ribbon and flower trimmed hat. Everything shown is included in the kit.
The Cost of the kit is $225.
The doll is not available separately.

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