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Wee Twickenham: This 3 store English inspired street is part of a small series of a mouse town that also includes the Crumb and Cheddar, Petal's Garden (now retired), and the HMS Seahorse. This set includes resin cast parts to make a half timber, brick and thatched home goods store named The Feathered Nest,the half timbered and shingled Bee's Bonnets hat store, and the stone ad thatch Cuppa (tea) stand at the end with it's open counter for a spot of tea. Each shop has its own unique wooden sign, several of them are hanging, rugs, and all rest on a cobblestone base. The shops measure 6 1/2" x 3" on a base that is 7 3/4" x 4". The cost was $175. The QC sale price is $76.

20130825 160242

20130825 160303

20130825 160320

20130825 160352

20130825 160412

20130825 160431

20130825 160459


dressing table,chair,hat ($40)

window table, hat screen($23)

stove,tea cupboard,tray,basket($31)

cupboard ($38)

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